Setting Internet Explorer’s home page by drag and drop

Tim, who worked on IE among other things in his career at Microsoft and now works on Hatteras, showed me tonight that you can set the home page in Internet Explorer by dragging the link from the Address bar to the Home icon on the toolbar.  I had no idea.  I burst out laughing.  It's a neat trick once you know it, but it never occurred to me.  Perhaps it's because I don't change my home page.

Someone's going to tell me that it's obvious, and I'm the only who didn't know about it.  Right.  It's an example of something that's really convenient, if you need that sort of thing, but not very discoverable (unless you often drag things over toolbar buttons just to see what happens).

Comments (4)

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Learn something new everyday… it works for bookmarks too! Coolness.

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    hmm I knew it worked for bookmarks but never knew about the home page one. It would also work for creating a short cut on your desktop or you remember the old office toolbar at the top of the screen that sat there all the time that was installed in office. Well it would add a shortcut to there as well by just dragging it up there. However like you I never change my home page. about:blank is my home page. When you actually have a page as your home page. sometimes will slow the browser coming up sometime if the site is lagging will slow your browser right down. Being a developer on a lot of different sites constantly visiting random urls. having a home page other than about:blank was nothing but a slowdown in my developing day.

  3. Tim says:

    You guys owe me big time for the tip :)

    Come visit my Blog. I haven’t posted a darn thing yet. Expect many exciting tidbits of useless IE trivia in the coming days.

  4. dft says:

    Another tip: Sometimes its convenient to drag a link from one IE instance to another IE instance (an alternative to right clicking, open in new window). You can drop the link anywhere in the page (doesn’t have to be the address bar) and IE will navigate to the link. However, I just noticed that some security update that was recently loaded on my PC has restricted the drag operation in IE. Now, I can only drag links when viewing pages in the corporate intranet.

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