VSTS and MSDN Universal

Back in June I posted information from the newgroup regarding VSTS Pricing.

Here's an update from Ajay Sudan's newsgroup post (Jan. 24, 2005).

MSDN Universal customers may migrate to their choice of
Visual Studio Team Architect Edition, Visual Studio Team
Developer Edition, or Visual Studio Team Test Edition at
no additional cost for the duration of their MSDN
Universal subscription.

MSDN Universal customers may also elect to migrate to
Visual Studio Team Suite at an additional cost. Detailed
pricing/licensing for Visual Studio Team System will be
announced in early March.

Comments (11)

  1. Denny says:


    this is not sounding too good.

    I’ll gladly pay for MSDN universal.

    I can sell that as a good investment in building my shop.

    but if this chnage happens as desribed then what is now "MSDN Universal" will not be "Universal" any longer….

    so I will say this:

    current MSDN allows for I think 5 seats of use of the core tools… as I recall.

    but each Dev has to have VS.Net licenses to be legal.

    so include TeamSystem "Starter Edition" for shops with less than 5 users.

    and offer an upgrade by way of TS Cient Cals

    and leave it at that…

    as I see it so far we will already have to buy SQL Server + CALS for part of TS

    and one or more WIndows Server SKU’s for a shop to be "Legal"

    and if each VS 05 seat has to buy a SKU to be legal then Microsoft is getitng a few license bucks even before the use of TS gets priced directly.

    and if thousands of smaller shops have to chose to buy, steal or not use it…

    the small shops loose and Microsoft will loose.

    bad move if it goes wrong…

  2. Jaans says:

    This is not looking good at all…

    I feel that MSDN Universal should not exclude ANY of the development tools/suite options. As a MS partner, it would be bad news for us if we need to fork out additional costs for the suite.

    …my 2 cents

  3. Philip Rieck says:

    Where I guess that Steve Ballmer’s

  4. Philip Rieck says:

    Where I guess that Steve Ballmer’s developers speech needed a few more repetitions.

  5. Martin Crimes says:

    I would love to know just where these dev shops are that have everyone working inside a cleanly defined box as either an Architect, a Dev or a Tester.

    The last slides I saw had nowhere near enough cross-over of features to be practical for 60% of the devs here. We’re all going to be forced to upgrade to Suite edition or just not use some of the features which look handy.

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  7. Buck Hodges says:

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