Beta TFS MSSCCI plugin now available for VB6, VC6 (not yet VS 2002/2003)

Brian Harry announced the availability of the beta TFS MSSCCI plugin for VB6, VC6 (not yet VS 2002/2003). You can download it at Buck


How to improve command line performance

If you are using the tf.exe command line in scripts to convert from another version control system or to run other tasks that involve a lot of calls, there are several factors that have a large impact on the performance.  Other than the command files, all of the following applies to Visual Studio as well, but VS has…


Backing up and restoring Team Foundation

Rob Caron posted a link to the re-launched VSTS User Education team blog.  It includes a post of the procedures for backing up and restoring Team Foundation Server.  That includes the databases, SharePoint, reports, etc.  It also includes restoring TFS to a different server.  There have been lots of requests for this in the forum,…


Team Foundation Version Control API documentation

I’ve mentioned the Team Foundation Version Control client API example before as good way to get started with the API, and there are examples with labels and items too.  You can find documentation for the classes and methods in the Team Foundation Version Control API in the October Visual Studio SDK release.  Once you install…


The "Filter by solution" button

You are probably familiar with the Pending Changes window if you’ve been using Visual Studio with Team Foundation (View -> Other Windows -> Pending Changes).  Have you ever wanted to have the Pending Changes window show only the pending changes for files in the currently open solution and not all of the other changes in your…


Warehouse troubleshooting guide

Bryan MacFarlane posted a troubleshooting guide for warehouse problems in the MSDN Team Foundation Forum.  If you are having problems with your warehouse or reports, it’s a good resource to try to figure out what’s going wrong.


Source Control Explorer now shows more information about the state of items

One of the problems that users encounter when using Source Control Explorer is knowing what state the file or folder is in, particularly if it is shown in gray rather than black text.  In beta 3 refresh and ealier, gray text meant that the file or folder was unmapped, cloaked, deleted, or not downloaded.  There was…


Using VS to get the URI for a Team Project

Someone asked a question today about getting the URI for a Team Project.  James Manning’s Team Project code sample showed how to do it using the API.  However, that was overkill in this case.  Bill Essary pointed out that you can select the Team Project in Team Explorer, right-click on it, and choose Properties (rather…


New CTP of Team Foundation is available (NOT supported by go-live)

Jeff Beehler has just written a post about the newly-released December CTP of TFS.  Jeff describes some of what changed, but probably the most important thing is that it is NOT supported under the go-live license.  There will not be any migration scripts to move to it or from it. The reason for that is that…


C# 3.0 features

I just read Ian Griffiths’ post on C# 3.0 and LINQ – Expression Trees (linked from Jomo Fisher’s C# 3.0 post, which was linked in John Rivard’s Why Visual Studio targets only one version of the .NET Framework, which was in a link from Soma’s Multi-targeting of .NET FX in Visual Studio post, which I received…


Work Item Tracking will use display names for RTM

In beta 3 (including refresh) and earlier, work items have always been assigned to user names.  For some organizations, that’s a real problem, as the user names do not have any relationship to the user’s real name.  We have fixed this for RTM.  Brian Harry sent the following email about it, and I thought it…


How to diff Word documents

John Lawrence responded to someone’s question about how to diff MS Word documents, and I thought the answer would help a few more folks. Team Foundation enables you to specify different diff and merge tools for different file types. We don’t have a built in compare tool for .doc files but I did a quick…


Team Foundation Beta 3 Virtual PC is available

The last time I wrote about the VPC for beta 3, it didn’t make up to MSDN like it was supposed to.  Well, a beta 3 VPC is available now, and a beta 3 refresh VPC will be available as soon as it makes its way through the infrastructure (yeah, I know, trust me at…


Hold the shift key and double click

I wrote this back in August, but these shortcuts weren’t availabe in the July CTP.  Now that beta 3 is out, you may want to give them a try. I’ve learned two shortcuts recently that I didn’t know existed in TFS source control integration in VS.  These may or may not work based on the…


1,000,000 files in the dogfood system

Jeff Beehler just checked in another 100,000 files, pushing us over 1,000,000 files.  We now have 1,042,659 files in the dogfood system.  Brian Harry sent out a dogfood statistics update in email today, prior to Jeff’s check-in.  Watch for the latest stats on John Lawrence’s blog.


Go to Changeset coming for RTM

You still won’t be able to drag and drop in Source Control Explorer (some changes are just too large at this point), but you will be able to go to a changeset (without going through the back door using Get Specific Version solely for changeset look up).  In the next drop, the Edit -> Go…


How to work around the diff viewer problem in Team Explorer Beta 3

If you install only the Team Explorer (and not VSTS), there is a known issue (7.3) where the diff viewer won’t work.  It also affects the built-in merge tool, but I think that’s less painful for users who just need Team Explorer. The tool is diffmerge.exe, and it uses msdiff.dll. The msdiff.dll needs several missing several VC runtime…


How to upgrade from TFS Beta 3 to RTM

Allen Clark has posted the document on upgrading beta 3 to RTM so you’ll know what to expect. Preparing to upgrade to RTM If you’re using Beta 3 Refresh, you may be wondering what you can do now to make the server upgrade to RTM as painless as possible. Here are a few things that…


Power Toy: tfpt.exe

[UPDATE 8/9/2007]  I fixed the broken link to the power tools page.  [UPDATE 9/8/2006]  TFPT is now available in its own small download:!  You no longer need to download the VS SDK.  You can find more information about the September ’06 release here. Back at the start of October, I wrote about the tfpt.exe power toy.  The beta…


Brian Harry on when to ship TFS

About half way through a thread on unlocking files locked by another user, Brian wrote a long response in the Team Foundation Forum about deciding what changes to make at this point and knowing when to ship.  It’s a good read.  I expect that Brian will likely turn it into a blog post at some…