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Bluetooth is powering new innovations in wireless connectivity across computers, smart devices, and the Internet-of-Things. Besides being the input of choice for the new Surface accessories such as mice, keyboards, Surface Pen, and Surface Dial, it’s become the preferred protocol for wearables and health monitoring systems like Fitbit and Garmin. Because of Bluetooth, a Jabra Sport Pulse headphone can stream music to power your workout, while simultaneously transferring your heart rate data to your smartphone. Bluetooth also makes it easy to track products on a shop floor. Finally, Bluetooth flagship applications, audio and automotive, are two key areas where it continues to innovate: from truly wireless earbuds with great battery life, to using Cortana’s voice for map navigation, Bluetooth cannot be beat!

Hi, I’m Aruna, a new PM on the Bluetooth team, helping our dev community enable great Bluetooth experiences on Windows!

Check out our January blog post about our much anticipated release of new Bluetooth features in our Windows 10 Creators Update! Not only did we make improvements to our GATT server, and LE device connectivity, we also improved Bluetooth audio functionality. Now, your Skype audio will sound much better over Bluetooth!

As a part of that, we’re excited to present our three-part video series* for Microsoft Build 2017. Our videos dive deep into:

* The BTVS sniffer tool, shown in the videos, is still work in progress. We’ll keep you updated on its release timeline.

Other Microsoft Build 2017 sessions are available on Channel 9.

To learn more about our work in Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE, check out these links:

**Source-code for the LE Explorer app will be released at a later time.

If you have any questions, or would like us to discuss more about any of the topics in this post, please let us know in the comments below!

Comments (5)

  1. Andre Marschalek says:

    i miss the link to source code of Bluetooth LE Explorer ?

    1. Aruna [MSFT] says:

      Hi Andre,
      We’re making some improvements to the LE Explorer app. We’ll keep you posted on its release timeline.

  2. Joben says:

    I’m having problems with responding to read requests with an UWP application that acts as Bluetooth LE peripheral.

    I couldn’t see in the videos how you did to respond to the read request.

    A working sample source code, like the Bluetooth LE Explorer app would have been nice as there isn’t much documentation for the new features.

      1. Looking at the Stack Overflow question, it looks like your code snippet is based on an outdated, incorrect snippet that was online. We’ve since updated it — sorry for the confusion.

        You need to make sure you take the deferral for the request. This is due to the Async operation that happens in the callback.

        var deferral = args.GetDeferral();
        var request = args.GetRequestAsync(); // In a foreground app, this should be called on the UX thread if the request is from a paired device and it's the first time it's been used.

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