Windows Azure SDK version 2.2 for Visual Studio 2013

Almost a month ago, the Visual Studio Blog announced the release of the Windows Azure SDK version 2.2 for Visual Studio 2013.  One of the exciting features in the SDK is the integration in Visual Studio 2013’s Server Explorer with Windows Azure.  I ran into a slight issue when playing around with the tool.  I wanted to create an Azure web site.  To do this, simply right click on the Web Sites node in the tree.  Select Add New Site in the context menu.  You are then prompted with a dialog to enter the details.  Seems simple enough.  Well that all was working for me except I was getting the following error in the dialog window (thus preventing me from creating an Azure Web Site.)


“Unable to get subscription information.  An item with the same key has already been added.”  What does that mean?  Prior to this step I had clicked on the Manage subscriptions link at the top of the dialog.  In the Accounts/Certificates, I had both an Account (the account I was signed into) and a certificate that I imported from the Azure site.  Turns out that I didn’t actually need the certificate if I had a registered account.  I deleted the certificate and what do you know.  I am now able to create an Azure Web Site from within Visual Studio.

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