With or without SOA?

I recently got a question – "While developing applications in ASP.Net what is the difference with or without SOA architecture?". i thought – it is quite an interesting question and something I should write a post on. First things first – what is SOA? why do we need SOA? what are the advantages of SOA?…


Hindi on Windows Mobile

For a longtime customers have been requesting us to provide Hindi language support on Windows Mobile. Without going into the technicalities of why it was not available, I would like to say that finally the gap has been filled. One of the Microsoft Partners have finally implemented a FREE Hindi font engine for Windows Mobile…


XBAP and Silverlight

What is the difference between XBAP and Silverlight and when should i use which of these technologies? Let me step back and start with a precursor: In .NET 3.0 we have Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) which allows us to create stunning UIs for desktop applications using managed code. If you still haven’t experienced the power…


Operating the cloud with Azure

Every body is talking about Azure – Microsoft’s Operating System for the cloud. How can i not write something about it? After all i was there during the unveiling of this paradigm changing strategy was done by Ray Ozzie at PDC. Read the transcript of Ray Ozzie’s keynote or watch the video to know more….


Know your tools better: Questions from Attendees

Virtual Tech Days day one, session one. I delivered a talk titled "know your tools better". Firstly, thanks to all those who attended the talk. Thanks for having keeping patience inspite of the audio and video issues we faced. Due to lack of time i could not cover some things that i wanted to share…


WPF: Using the InkCanvas Control

I have been doing a demo of InkCanvas recently to demonstrate the power of WPF and a lot of people have requested that I put the code on the blog, so here it is. 1) Open Visual Studio 2008 create a new WPF project in .NET 3.5. Let call it DemoInkCanvas. I chose C#, you…


Visual Studio 2008 aka "Orcas" FAQ

Q1) Can we install VS 2008 “Orcas” side-by-side with VS 2003 and VS2005? A1) Yes – they will run side-by-side. If you face any specific issue during installation or while using – please let me know by leaving a comment here. Q2) What is the version of framework that ships with the VS 2008 “Orcas”?…


What would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist?

Thanks Anand! Sorry for stealing the title and idea of your post. It was this post from Anand that inspired me to ask the same queston to the Indian developers community. As Anand mentioned – we do a lot of work in trying to give to the community whatever we can. Things sometimes seem going good…


Webcast series on Making the most out of .NET Framework

I am delivering a webcast series this week, the details are below. If you are interested please attend – I think there are slots available. Also, if you have attended and have any questions/suggestions related to the content – feel free to post them here. Making the most out of .NET Framework by Bijoy Singhal…


CreateProcess and WOW64

I did a simple test and just wanted to share the findings. When you create a 32 bit application and run it on a 64 bit machine (i.e. you run the application under WOW64). If you create a process from inside it – the process that you create is a 32 bit process. If you…