Community Tech Day – Delhi Chapter

Hi Friends – if you are in Delhi on 27th Sept and want to share ideas, knowledge and just have fun with your peer technologists please do come for the Community Tech Day. I will be there too and would love to meet you!


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  1. Prayag Sanjay says:

    Hi Bijoy,

    I was there and I was really impressed and informed by your presenstation as well as others. That was a very lucid and easy to understand presentation about .NET Framework. A big thank you.

    Is is possible to get your presentation … perhaps on Delhi IT Pro’s skydrive ? Ranjana has uploaded few ppts but yours seems to be missing.

  2. BijoySinghal says:

    Thanks Prayag for coming. I am glad that you found the CTD useful. Hope to see you in other community events again.

    My ppt can be found at the following link

    You will need to become a member of the to get the ppt and also know about the community events in the future.

  3. Shekhar_Pro says:

    HI Biijoy,

    I was hoping for some post on TechDays  2010 (in delhi on Sunday).

    Bye the way i was there and your presentation on Tips and Techniques were the best

    among all. I am a student and was definitely benifitted by you tips.

    Specially the the information about Performance Monitor  was awesome, i never knew it was there.

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