Community Tech Day – Delhi Chapter

Hi Friends – if you are in Delhi on 27th Sept and want to share ideas, knowledge and just have fun with your peer technologists please do come for the Community Tech Day. I will be there too and would love to meet you!   Register at – it’s FREE!


Stonehenge and the .NET StockTrader Sample Application

  Microsoft recently donated code to Apache Foundation’s Stonehenge project which aims at demonstrating real world best practices for building SOA based systems and achieving application interoperability. You can find the complete source code for the sample application called the .NET StockTrader here.

With or without SOA?

I recently got a question – "While developing applications in ASP.Net what is the difference with or without SOA architecture?". i thought – it is quite an interesting question and something I should write a post on. First things first – what is SOA? why do we need SOA? what are the advantages of SOA?…