Virtual Tech Day One

Hi Friends! In about 45 minutes from now i will be delivering the first session of the VTD on Know your tools better: tips and tricks on how to enhance .NET development using VS 2008 and other tools and at 3:45 IST i will be talking on PLINQ: Parallelize Your .NET Applications with Parallel Extensions. Please do join in if you have time - i promise you will learn something new from both the sessions.


To know more about how you can join go to

If you attend i encourage you to give us your feedback.

If you wish to tell me something or need more details on any of my sessions please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. I will respond to them individually asap.

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  1. pavanpareta says:

    Hi Bijoy Sir,

    According (SOS.dll) to your session i had try with .Net CF (Compact Framework 2.0). but that is not working so please explain me how to find number of object is live in the run time application.

    pavan pareta

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