What would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist?

Thanks Anand! Sorry for stealing the title and idea of your post.

It was this post from Anand that inspired me to ask the same queston to the Indian developers community. As Anand mentioned - we do a lot of work in trying to give to the community whatever we can. Things sometimes seem going good and sometimes not so good - we get feedback for our sessions and talks but that hardly tells us what we need to change - what are the things that people want to hear or know.

When we go outside - we see people are really passionate about Microsoft technologies - many a times they challenge us to think ahead and out of the box. Many people ask very tough questions, but rarely do we get to hear what are the things they want to hear from us. India, has the second largest developer population in the world and it is important for us as evangelists to give them what need and not what we want to tell them - to make them more competitive and to help them make a difference. 

So if you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions on what can we do to make a bigger impact please do share it with us. Help us help you.

my sincere thanks in advance.


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  1. Arabinda says:

    I will conduct events on latest technologies when they are on pre beta/CTP phases to make sure that they can provide proper feedback on technologies and also get a chance to learn.

  2. ranjan says:

    shut up ! coz you’re game is up !

  3. BijoySinghal says:

    @Arabinda – thanks for the great feedback. Working on your suggestion i did a PLINQ session this time during VTD – which was well recieved. PLINQ as you might know is still in CTP and awareness on it will help users to provide timely feedback to us. Thanks once again.

    @rajan – opps that sounds scary…looks like a cop!

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