WPF: Using the InkCanvas Control

I have been doing a demo of InkCanvas recently to demonstrate the power of WPF and a lot of people have requested that I put the code on the blog, so here it is. 1) Open Visual Studio 2008 create a new WPF project in .NET 3.5. Let call it DemoInkCanvas. I chose C#, you…


.NET Framework using up memory

I recently got a question something similar to: “We are having some memory issues when trying to run our .NET applications over Citrix. Since each user is running his or hers own session .NET Framework loads into memory for each instance of the application and this appears to hog the memory. Are there any recommendations…


Webcast Q&A – 2

Q) I have built an exe out of my .net 2.0 application. Do I need .net framework on the deployment machines? Even if it is yes, can I make it independent to run on windows platform without .net framework because I don’t want to install .net framework just for this single exe to run. My…


Webcast Q&A – .NET Reference Material

There were a lot of question on good reference material for .NET (books and online). Here is a consolidated list of resources I am aware of. If anyone knows of more stuff – please do feel free to suggest in the comments. CLR and JIT CLR via C#, Second Edition (Pro Developer) By Jeffrey Richter…


Webcast series on Making the most out of .NET Framework

I am delivering a webcast series this week, the details are below. If you are interested please attend – I think there are slots available. Also, if you have attended and have any questions/suggestions related to the content – feel free to post them here. Making the most out of .NET Framework by Bijoy Singhal…


Visual Studio 2008 – Beta 2 available now

I am travelling, but I just wanted to share this news with all those who might be following my blog and interested in know about VS 2008. The Beta 2 is available and I have already installed it J You also can get it from: here Read more about it on Soma’s blog More on…


There is a performance problem!

During the TechMela, i had a discussion with more than 5 people and although all of them had different questions but it all boiled down to the same problem – “the performance problem”. And i overheard a few other speakers talk to customers on the same issue. When i was supporting customers developing and fixing…


Touching base…

While I am busy thinking and writing about some new topics for the blog post, I wanted to request my dear readers to suggest anything they would be interested in, especially people who visited the TechMela and have any follow up questions on the topics that we spoke about.


Is Microsoft moving away from VC++?

Finally I am back in office from TechMela. My plans to do live blogging about TechMela did not materialize – it was more hectic than I thought and whatever time I got on Day 2 and Day 3, after delivering my presentations on Day 1 – I spent in talking to people and attending sessions….


Visual Studio 2008 aka "Orcas" FAQ

Q1) Can we install VS 2008 “Orcas” side-by-side with VS 2003 and VS2005? A1) Yes – they will run side-by-side. If you face any specific issue during installation or while using – please let me know by leaving a comment here. Q2) What is the version of framework that ships with the VS 2008 “Orcas”?…