Where to start looking – if you are thinking of buying a mobile device

Since I thought of getting a mobile phone, I've been in a lot of confusion - never been able to understand the 'translate to reality' difference in the various technical and marketing jargon about the mobile devices. Finally i found a very good starting point site:


Some factors i could think of that are important to consider when going for a mobile device (in order of importance)

- Screen size and weight

- All normal phone features

- Compulsory a Windows OS

- Synchronize with Outlook

- Blue tooth for audio headset and tranfer between devices

- Ability to use normal office files - Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint

- Ability to listen to Audio Books

- Other Applications that can be run on it

- Camera quality (Wish i could get a 2 MP camera in a decent mobile device)

- Pointing device

- FM Radio

- Ability to add external memory device (SD, Compact Flash etc)

- Ability to play and copy music

- Ability to record audio and video (both with audio and without)

- Wi Fi

I am thinking of other features that i might need and i would be lloking out for more sites that give details. Will list them here. Finally when my doubts are clear and i buy one - i will try to write down the factors that influenced my decision. In the meantime keep sending me your comments and advice about which one to buy and why.



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