Impersonate in Reporting Services ASP.NET Web Clients

This issue comes up quite often with users who are building client Web applications that use the Reporting Services Web service. When you develop ASP.NET client applications that generate a Web service proxy, you can authenticate the current user to the Web service in your code. However, in ASP.NET, impersonation is turned off by default. This means that…


Accessing a Report Server Using a URL POST Request

If anyone is interested in a simple example of how to access a report server using a form post action, you can check out a short article here.


Accessing a Report Server Using a URL POST Request

You may have a need to access a report server, not through GET requests or standard browser access, but through POST requests. The times when you might need to use a POST request in your application are as follows:  You need to build a custom user interface with your own toolbar, parameters area, report exporting features, etc. This is often…


Documenting a SOAP API: The Reporting Services Web service

I’m often asked, especially by those developing Reporting Services’ Web service clients using straight SOAP messages, why the decision was made to document the Reporting Services Web service methods from the syntactical perspective of the .NET languages VB and C#. There are several reasons for this. Early on, we had planned to include XML representations…


Printing Reports in Reporting Services

Reporting Services brings a lot of new and exciting features to the BI marketplace as a version one reporting tool. The programmatic interfaces as well as the extensibility architecture allow for a lot of features to be added by third-party developers. One question that I get from customers is if Reporting Services supports some kind of…


Printing Reports Programmatically Using C# and SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

Summary: Learn a technique for printing reports programmatically using the Reporting Services XML Web service and C#. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services is Microsoft’s latest entry into the Business Intellegence marketplace and it joins a host of other BI products for SQL Server 2000. Reporting Services is a new, server-based reporting platform that you can…


Code Access Security and Custom Assemblies

I’ve recently published a technical article that addresses the topic of code access security in Reporting Services. It also has some helpful tips and tricks regarding using custom assemblies in your report projects. You can find the article on MSDN at: This is a hot topic in Reporting Services, because the implementation of code…



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