Accessing a Report Server Using a URL POST Request

If anyone is interested in a simple example of how to access a report server using a form post action, you can check out a short article here.

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  1. Kent Tegels says:

    Thank you for using POST rather than GET. If you’re even thinking about about using URL requests with RS, please do it this way and, preferably, use HTTPs.

    Thanks for the post, Bryan.

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  3. Atilla Ozgur says:

    I would like to ask that If there is a way to change link in html output. What I want to do is that When you use this post example all of the hyperlink come with like href="localhost/reportServer/report1". I want to change this hyperlink to point to my custom aspx web page.

  4. Bryan Keller says:

    Let me have it, what are the problems?

  5. Raj Chidipudi says:

    Hi Bryan,

    This issue might not be quiet similar to above task. But a bit similar.

    We are using "ReportViewer" (which is part of Sample applications that comes

    with Reporting Services) in one of our web pages.

    It works fine when rendered with an URL of a report.

    But the problem is when a report has a link to another report with in it,

    and when the link is clicked it opens the target report within the same

    window closing our web application, and directly opens the report using the

    ReportServer URL.

    How can we contain this link’s behaviour so that the target report opens up

    in the report viewer frame only which is within the web page.


    Raj Chidipudi

  6. Raj Chidipudi says:

    Hi Guys,

    Resolved the above problem mentioned by me using rc:ReplacementRoot when calling a report and handling the links in custom made page..


    Raj Chidipudi

  7. Alex says:

    When use URL Access, Using Parameter Prefixes on a URL (dsu/dsp), Can report server automatically check the username/password or need extra to check?

    If need extra code to check, how to get the username/password from the URL?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Pugaz says:

    Hi Raj Chidipudi,

    We are also faced with the same problem. We had observed about the replacement root command from report manager. But we are not successful implementing it. Can you tell me what you had done in the custom page to handle the links.




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