Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm finally joining a long list of Microsoft bloggers for the purpose of passing on work-related information and general tips, tricks, and advice for developer-related issues. 

A little about myself: I'm a Programmer Writer at Microsoft in the Windows Server System User Experience (WSSUEx) group. Specifically I write technical documentation for SQL Server and related technologies. My current work revolves around Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. I plan to include links to important information regarding Reporting Services and some developer articles. I am also looking at providing weekly recaps of the top developer issues from the newsgroups and other community related events. So visit often and hopefully I'll be able to provide some useful information that will help you in your development projects.

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  1. Jason Mauss says:

    Please post info about SQL reporting services. I’ve been looking everywhere for good info (beyond what’s on the MS site) and haven’t found anything.

  2. Kent Tegels says:

    Hi Bryan! I’ve just started a blog about RS at http://www.sswug.org/blogging/ktegels. It’s neat to have you around!

  3. ye says:


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