The Benefits of an Architecture Review

Creating an architecture review has many benefits not only to an enterprise application but also to the multiple levels of people within an organization. This can be seen by decomposing the design into 3 general areas which ultimately reduces the failure rate of software projects: Reduce Security Risks and Cost Reduce downtime from malware attacks…


Windows Server AppFabric Logging

Using Windows Server AppFabric makes it easier to build, scale and manage Web and composite applications that run on IIS but when it comes to error logging, tracing and performance analysis, things can get a bit tricky. Therefore let’s discuss how to incorporate some logging features into a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Web service to…


Team Foundation Service Updated

Even though TFS is still a preview I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the work that’s been done to migrate what the server product offers to the cloud. Recently there was an update to this service and while not a major overhaul there’s quite a lot packed into it. Instead of me regurgitating all of the…


Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure

For years the Enterprise Library application blocks have helped developers address the typical cross-cutting concerns of enterprise development (such as diagnostic logging, data validation, and exception handing). With over 3.5 million downloads, they take a prominent place in the toolbox of a modern .NET developer. The good news is that most of the Enterprise Library…


Creating Custom Rule Sets to Improve Code Quality

Using the code analysis feature that comes with Visual Studio (VS) 2010 is definitely beneficial as it improves application and code quality by providing the ability to discover potential issues in your code, such as non-secure data access, usage violations, and design problems. Of course there may be times where you want a hybrid of…


Team Foundation Server Training Kit

Training is paramount when you’re either creating or implementing software. This is precisely why I like Microsoft Virtual Labs so much because it offers training on multiple technologies and what’s better than training that’s free, can be done remotely and on your schedule? These three virtual labs for TFS start with the basics of setting…


Exploratory Testing with Test Manager (Developer Preview)

A long time ago I remember a tester telling me that “one of the best tests of a system is when I’m not following a script per say but just ‘playing around’ with it.” I think that statement resonates to a lot of testers and with the recent release of the developer preview for Microsoft Test…


Tracing in Team Foundation Server 2010

After becoming blurry eyed and looking for two aspirin after reading through mounds of documentation and links on how to enable tracing for TFS 2010, I thought it might be helpful to have one concise blog post to reference. Therefore, while some aspects of tracing are the same for 2008 and 2010, some are not….


Windows Phone SDK on a Virtual Machine

Having a WP7.5 phone (ala mango) I wanted to start development on an idea I had for a new phone application. Seems simple enough but there’s always a catch (more on that later). First off, in order to conduct any mobile development for a Windows phone you’ll need to download and install the software development…


Scrum Master/Developer Certification

Having been indoctrinated in the use of Agile principles a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it was about time that I became Scrum certified. To that end, I just finished attending a week long class which was delivered by Rod Claar (from RippleRock) and Doug Shimp (from 3Back). Scrum is quite…