Exploratory Testing with Test Manager (Developer Preview)

A long time ago I remember a tester telling me that “one of the best tests of a system is when I’m not following a script per say but just ‘playing around’ with it.” I think that statement resonates to a lot of testers and with the recent release of the developer preview for Microsoft Test…


Tracing in Team Foundation Server 2010

After becoming blurry eyed and looking for two aspirin after reading through mounds of documentation and links on how to enable tracing for TFS 2010, I thought it might be helpful to have one concise blog post to reference. Therefore, while some aspects of tracing are the same for 2008 and 2010, some are not….


Windows Phone SDK on a Virtual Machine

Having a WP7.5 phone (ala mango) I wanted to start development on an idea I had for a new phone application. Seems simple enough but there’s always a catch (more on that later). First off, in order to conduct any mobile development for a Windows phone you’ll need to download and install the software development…


Scrum Master/Developer Certification

Having been indoctrinated in the use of Agile principles a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it was about time that I became Scrum certified. To that end, I just finished attending a week long class which was delivered by Rod Claar (from RippleRock) and Doug Shimp (from 3Back). Scrum is quite…


Roslyn CTP Released

I’ve wrote quite a few blog posts about Anders Hejlsberg (i.e. Visual Studio Asynchronous Programming, Visual Studio 11) and deserving so as he’s one of those people that once you meet him you soon realize just how much knowledge he has to offer. You also quickly comprehend just how little you know in the grand…