Aspirin for Developers: Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

Developers worldwide get All-In-One code relief

Every day, developers scour the Internet to make short work of typical programming tasks, only to find questionable, if not unreliable, sample code. Enter the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, a free repository of over 640 code samples covering 24 Microsoft development technologies from Windows to web, written by developers, for developers.

The Online Support Service (OSS) China Team, Community and Online Support, and Commercial Technical Support (CTS) Developer Support together invented the All-In-One Code Framework to help remedy programming pains voiced by developers in MSDN forums, social media channels, and various developer communities. They chose the problematic tasks that kept surfacing, and wrote corresponding quality sample code, which covers all three popular programming languages (VB, C#, and C++) and is available in Chinese as well.

The library continues to grow at half a dozen samples a week. Developers who can’t find code that meets a need can request a free sample. Microsoft engineers evaluate the inquiry based on frequently asked programming questions and write the code—free of charge. Turnaround is fast—the overall cycle from idea to sample is typically just 30 days.

All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser

This extension for Visual Studio integrates the Sample Browser of the All-In-One Code Framework, which helps search for code samples whenever you are coding with VS2010 or even VS2008. Along with the powerful filter, you can find and download the most proper and useful sample in a few seconds, right from within Visual Studio. This is a must have extension!

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  1. sambeet says:

    Its pretty cool to have such a feature integrated into the studio environment

  2. walter says:

    the link for All-in-one code framework is bad.

  3. Walter~ Link fixed. Thanks.

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