Unable to access Power BI Admin Center


If you have recently acquired a license for Microsoft Power BI, you have probably experimented the issue below when trying to access Power BI Admin Center:


What does this error mean? Are we missing something?

Power BI Admin center is part of the old version, Power BI for Office 365.

In the new version of Power BI,  Power BI Admin Center doesn’t exist anymore, so each user can manage their own dashboards, reports and data sources from the Power BI web site (http://app.powerbi.com). This new version has a self-service approach, we don’t have the concept of Administrator we had in the previous version, each user is an administrator of his data.  In that way the permissions are managed at data source level.

How can we check what kind of license we have?

The licenses for the old version were called “Microsoft Power BI for Office 365” as the image below shows:


In the new version the license is Power BI (free) or Power BI Pro:


Power BI for Office 365, licenses and experience will be deprecated beginning December 31, 2015. That experience will be no more available when this change is implemented, so we strongly recommend migrating to the new experience as soon as possible.

To sum up, if you have a license for Microsoft Power BI or Power BI Pro, don’t worry about this message, Power BI Admin Center is no longer required, you just need to access Power BI web app. And if you have an old license we invite you to start using the new version for free https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/

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