Configure a Report Server on a load balancing deployment


Although the main steps to configure Reporting Services are on the msdn article below, sometimes you can find additional errors trying to access Report Manager or Report Server URLs a load balancer deployment. You will find in this blog some additional steps that will help you.


               Configure a Report Server on a Network Load Balancing Cluster




1. Changes on the rsreportserver.config file (This file is located by default at the local report server path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRSx.InstanceName\Reporting Services\ReportServer).


                                  1.      Find the ReportServerURL tag and add the following configuration:                    

                                                 <ReportServerUrl> http://nodename/ReportServer </ReportServerUrl>


                                           For more information about this step clic here.



                                  2.      Find the URLRoot tag and add the following:


                                                <URLRoot> http://balancername.domain/ReportServer</ReportServerUrl>


                                           *If you have Sharepoint Integration mode in SSRS please add here the URL for the Sharepoint Site.



                                 3.      Add the following tag:



                                          In the following location:                       




2. Open the web.config file on each Report Manager (located at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRSx.InstanceName\Reporting Services\ReportManager). You will see a section <system.web> and inside this section a tag called <machineKey>

                            1.      We need to have the same machinekey on both SSRS servers (that means on the web.config files of Report Manager on each server).


                            2.      If you don’t have the same machinekey, please generate one and add it to both files. You can create one using this tool:




3. Open the file “hosts” on both SSRS servers and map the local node IPaddress with the virtual name of the balancer on each server. Follow these steps:


                           1.      On each SSRS server open  C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.


                           2.      If the following entries are not in there please add them:


                                                 IPaddress(localnode)       virtualbalancername


                                                 IPaddress(localnode)       virtualbalancername.domain


  Find more information about this point here.




4. Check that either LoopbackCheck is disabled on all SSRS servers belonging to the current scale-out or the balancer virtual name is specified as hostname mapped to the local loopack address.: 



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