How to implement Shared Access Signatures using Azure Mobile Services and Node.js

This post will provide essential skills to enable you to use shared access signatures to upload photos as blobs. Azure mobile services using node.JS. This is supporting documentation for an upcoming MSDN article around the creation of a raspberry pi application that is fitted with the camera and capable of uploading images to the cloud….



This post exists to help with an MSDN Magazine article that I am authoring It provides some of the low-level details for the article How to install Mono and root certificates on a raspberry pi How to create an Azure mobile service How to create a Custom API inside Azure mobile services that the raspberry…


The latest and greatest features added to Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft Azure – 5/20/2014

INTRODUCTION Never in the company’s history has Microsoft integrated so aggressively. Moreover, this innovation is happening from every angle – whether you’re talking about, Office365 and productivity applications, whether you’re talking about client app development in the mobile space, or whether you’re talking about cloud computing and the big changes taking place with Microsoft Azure….


Azure Mobile Services as explained at //build/ – The first 15 minutes

Introduction This is a bookmark to help me remember a useful session around Azure Mobile Services at //build/. It covers only the first 15 minutes that have provided me some great insight to waht is possible. I also provide a rough outline to help me remember the content. This is a quick synopsis of the…

The DevOps Story – Why it is really about Platform as a Service

Overview The relationship between central IT and developers is being re-defined as the world adopts cloud technologies. The ultimate challenge is making central it feel secure while simultaneously giving developers freedom. IT wants to be able to control the deployment of applications so that there is consistency and adherence to policy. The policy could be…

Developing ASP.NET Apps with Windows Azure Active Directory

Overview The goal of this post is to illustrate authentication for applications posted in Windows Azure websites. This particular post will focus on ASP.NET, not node.js or other open-source platforms, including PHP. You will learn the basic skills of identity management in the cloud. applications can be as powerful as allowing web-based applications that manage…


Moving a WCF Service and Database to the Cloud

Overview Modern line-of-business applications have much to gain from Windows Azure. This lab depends on the previous lab as well. Migrating to the cloud What the cloud has to offer In addition to the increased scalability and reliability the cloud has to offer, cloud-based services are also easier to access from outside the corporate…

Setting up Powershell with Azure

Overview I tried a bunch of ways to configure Powershell with Azure. This one, documented below, finally worked. Prerequisites A Windows Azure subscription – If you don’t currently have a paid subscription, you can sign-up for a FREE trial subscription on the Windows Azure account site Windows Azure PowerShell module – Download and install…

Configuring a custom domain name for a Microsoft Azure Web Sites

Overview I need to remember this for later. Therefore, I’ll do a quick post about. I finally moved my web site to Azure WebSites. But now I want to register my custome domain of Some steps are missing for some docs I’m reading so I’ll just document my jouney. Prerequisites An Microsoft Azure account….