Using Fiddler and Advanced Rest Client to test Azure Storage and Azure Mobile Services

This post is about how you can use tooling test your cloud based services Writing client code to test backend services introduces another level of testing You end up testing both the client and the server The secret to testing the service tier is to use 3rd party tools Chrome’s Advanced Rest Client and Fiddler…


2 Lines of C# Code that replaced my bloated 44 lines – The Reductionist’s View

Could you reduce my 44 lines down to just 2? Sometimes as a developer you are humbled by something dumb that you did. I had written this huge, poorly designed piece of code that was supposed to remove blank strings that are in a relatively small array of strings. I felt smart and not smart…


How to upload Node Packages to Azure Mobile Services

Node.js applications uses packages to add functionality You can think of these as libraries The goal of this post is to show you how to upload these packages up to Azure Mobile Services so that you can give your node code more power This post is about adding QueryString to Azure Mobile Services. Related Posts…

How to implement Shared Access Signatures using Azure Mobile Services and Node.js

This post will provide essential skills to enable you to use shared access signatures to upload photos as blobs. Azure mobile services using node.JS. This is supporting documentation for an upcoming MSDN article around the creation of a raspberry pi application that is fitted with the camera and capable of uploading images to the cloud….



This post exists to help with an MSDN Magazine article that I am authoring It provides some of the low-level details for the article How to install Mono and root certificates on a raspberry pi How to create an Azure mobile service How to create a Custom API inside Azure mobile services that the raspberry…