Developing ASP.NET Apps with Windows Azure Active Directory

Overview The goal of this post is to illustrate authentication for applications posted in Windows Azure websites. This particular post will focus on ASP.NET, not node.js or other open-source platforms, including PHP. You will learn the basic skills of identity management in the cloud. applications can be as powerful as allowing web-based applications that manage…


Moving a WCF Service and Database to the Cloud

Overview Modern line-of-business applications have much to gain from Windows Azure. This lab depends on the previous lab as well. Migrating to the cloud What the cloud has to offer In addition to the increased scalability and reliability the cloud has to offer, cloud-based services are also easier to access from outside the corporate…


Setting up Powershell with Azure

Overview I tried a bunch of ways to configure Powershell with Azure. This one, documented below, finally worked. Prerequisites A Windows Azure subscription – If you don’t currently have a paid subscription, you can sign-up for a FREE trial subscription on the Windows Azure account site Windows Azure PowerShell module – Download and install…


Configuring a custom domain name for a Microsoft Azure Web Sites

Overview I need to remember this for later. Therefore, I’ll do a quick post about. I finally moved my web site to Azure WebSites. But now I want to register my custome domain of Some steps are missing for some docs I’m reading so I’ll just document my jouney. Prerequisites An Microsoft Azure account….


How to Implement a Service Architecture on Windows Azure using WCF, WPF, and Unit Testing

Overview In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to: Set up the expenses infrastructure Create some unit tests for our client application Add a ViewModel feature and expose it in a view How setup a WCF service inside if IIS How set permissions so IIS can access the WCF Service Folders How to add…


Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory

Overview In this hands-on lab you will learn how to use Windows Azure Active Directory for implementing web single sign-on in an ASP.NET application. The instructions will focus on taking advantage of the directory tenant associated with your Windows Azure subscription, as that constitutes the obvious choice of identity providers for Line of Business (LoB)…


Introduction to Cloud Services – The Platform as a Service Lab

Overview There are many ways you can run code in Azure. The choice you make depends on what kind of control you need over the base operating system, and what kind of workloads you need to run. One of the ways you can run code in Azure is in a "Cloud Service" using one or…