Teach Kids Music – An awesome way to teach orchestra to children

Now Available for free – Teach Kids Music I have just released a new FREE Windows 8 Store app. I think you will really like it. If you do, please write a review. If you have any suggestions or advice, I am open to that too. The application has recordings of real-live instruments, accompanied by beautiful high quality photos. There has never been a faster way to teach teach kids about musical instruments and how they look and sound.

Teach Kids Music Music is known to improve the cognitive ability of children. This is well known and corroborated by scientific research. Getting a child interested early improves your chances of getting your child to regularly practice and play an instrument.

Music can help a child absorb content more easily, as well as helping the child write words. There is also a mathematical relationship to music so your child benefits both in terms of language as well as numbers.


Download it today for Windows 8 http://bit.ly/teachkidsmusic

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