Bruno Terkaly Office Hours – A chance to learn for everyone, especially me

Announcing My Office Hours

I am reaching out to my communities and inviting them to join me for office hours. It will be a time the developer can sit down with me and discuss his cloud and Windows 8 development challenges. As many of my blog readers know, I have been primarily focused on the backend cloud technologies, specifically Windows Azure. But I believe you can only understand the backend if you have a clear understanding of how the client side works the front-end.

I really enjoy seeing people use the cloud and interesting ways from client applications. I’ve helped many already and I look forward to doing it. After all, I was a teacher for 20 years.

I now have shared my first Windows 8 application, called Kids Car Colors. It is now available in the Windows 8 store. It is targeted to young children who would like to learn colors by viewing a variety of cars. Although it is self-contained and does not even leverage a backend, it does put me in a position to better help other developers wanting to get their applications into the Windows store.

I mostly wrote it for my kid. He loves cars. And one of the first things kids like to learn about is colors. He actually brings them to bed with at night. So this game is very popular with kids who just love cars as well as learning colors. If you are simply curious, take a peek – it is free. If you like it and if your child enjoys it, I’d love to hear about it.

Download Kids Car Colors ms-windows-store:PDP?PFN=18885BrunoTerkaly.KidsCarColors_w46xb7x0p7f14

Most of my content now around cloud computing comes out of my work with the monthly column that I write in MSDN magazine, Windows Azure Insider.

I maintain my regular office hours at You will typically either find me in San Francisco at an incubation site or at Microsoft. You may also find me at the Windows store in Corte Madera.

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