Presentation and Training Kit: Android Consuming Cloud Data – Powered By Windows Azure

  Goal of this post – To teach you how to demo and Android Application consuming standards-based RESTful Web Services
  This post has a simple goal – to prepare you to give a presentation on how you would communicate to the cloud from an Android phone. The presentation can be given a time range of 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of detail you wish to provide. This talk has been given at the Open Android Conference. Details can be found here:

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  This is developer-centric – hands-on coding
  This is designed to be a hands-on demo, meaning that there are working samples to demonstrate key concepts. Source code, PowerPoint slides, and videos are all part of this package. All the material is available on my blog posts.

  Resources are publicly available
  All of the materials for this talk are publicly available. This dramatically simplifies follow up with audience members, who frequently ask for the presentation materials

  A flow has been defined for this talk
  There are 4 main sections in this talk. Each section can take from 10 to 15 minutes. Following parts 1-4 below will allow you to give a deep, hands-on code demo of connecting Android mobile applications to the Microsoft Cloud – Windows Azure.

Part Title Abstract
Part 1 Introduction to Mobile and Cloud Mobile and Cloud are 2 technologies that go together. The meteoric rise of mobile computing has created the need for elastic scale. Part 1 will provide facts and figures to support this view.
Part 2 Cloud Vendors – What are your options? There are many cloud vendors that offer various cloud technologies. Many offer specialized services. Part 2 is about understanding the landscape. Windows Azure is the technology of choice for this section. This is a presentation and a talk. 10 minutes can easily be extended to dive deep in options available to mobile users.
Part 3 Building a RESTful Web Service – Hosted in the MS Cloud This is a hands-on section that guides an audience to actually building a RESTful implementation in Windows Azure. This demo is useful because it gives you all the basics to expose a RESTful service that is highly scalable. The RESTful service is based on open standards and can be consumed by not only Android, but also iOS and Windows Phone 7.
Part 4 Building the Android Client. This hands-on code demo builds and Android Application from scratch. An extensive video demo is available that guides you through every step of the process. Learn how to consume RESTful data that is in JSON format.

  Part 1
  Introducing Mobile and Cloud

Blog Post - Introduction – How to speak to Cloud and Mobile Development
Gartner Study
Blog Post - Why scale matters

  Part 2
  The cloud landscape. What are some of the other offerings?

Blog Post - What are some high level cloud offerings?
Blog Post - Azure Pricing

  Part 3
  Building an Azure-hosted RESTful web service

Video - Building RESTful Service
Blog Post - Video Building an Azure RESTful Service
Blog Post - Building your RESTful Service - Deep walkthrough from File/New Project
Utility - Clipboard Viewer - Building a RESTful Service
Blog Post - Setting up your Portal- Using the Portal and Setting up your Azure Account (Microsoft Cloud)
Blog Post - Deploying your app to the portal

  Part 4
  Building the Android Mobile Application in Eclispse

Video - Building an Android Application
Blog Post - Building the Android Client

  Extra Credit
  If you would like material to go over an hour, here is a good place to start.

Blog Post - Fiddler and Storage Explorer - Going deep on tables
Blog Post - Extra Credit - Windows Phone 7
Blog Post - Extra Credit - Building iOS Client connecting to Windows Azure

  Here are some miscellaneous links that might help with your demo.

Source Code - Full Source Code: 8.5 mb download to Azure RESTful Service, Android Mobile Client, iOS/iPhone Mobile Client, and Windows Phone 7 Mobile Client
Utility - It is the Clipboard Viewer for Android- Easy access to source code

  You will need an Azure Trial Account

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