Source Code to Azure RESTful Service, Android Mobile Client, iOS/iPhone Mobile Client, and Windows Phone 7 Mobile Client

  Here is the source code
Source Code: 8.5 mb download

A free Azure account is available here.
The source code and explanation:          

Folder Contents
AndroidMobileClient Source Code in Java of Android Client Application
AzureRESTfulService Source Code in C# of Azure RESTful Service
iOSMobileClient Source Code in Objective-C of iPhone Client Application
WP7MobileClient Source Code in C# of WP7 Client Application

Comments (1)

  1. Dada says:

    Thanks for the informative article, but could you please do a follow-up on how to say solve the problem of a massively scalable (100 instances) statefull REST service that uses Entity Framework to possibly simultaneously write to an SQL Azure and also read data from it, but avoiding concurency errors please?

    Should you use caching and how please, since EF seems a given for eventual persistent storage to SQL DB?


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