Interacting with Facebook with C# and Windows Azure

  How to give scale to your facebook applications
  Some articles here discuss the way you build facebook applications in C#. Let’s start with these and discuss some points.

You can also learn about Outback’s Steakhouse campaign and how all this stuff is used in the real world.

I am going to start at Step 1 myself. More links can be found below.

Step 1 - Get some facebook code into the cloud

Facebook C# SDK - Getting Started with MVC 3

Steve Marx: How To Publish an ASP.NET MVC 3 App to Windows Azure

How To Publish an ASP.NET MVC 3 App to Windows Azure



Links for Leveraging Facebook with C# and with Windows Azure

Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (March 2011)


Facebook C# SDK


Bloomin' Onion Facebook Campaign

Azure Lessons Learned: Outback Steakhouse Facebook Application

Article - Tampa Bay Online - Outback's Facebook fan base Bloomin'

Building a Facebook Marketing App on Azure, dated 2/28/2011



  Support at Microsoft

Facebook Support At Microsoft

Canvas Development

Overview of ASP.NET Development

Facebook Connect

FBML Canvas

IFrame Canvas

Facebook Platform




  Support at CodePlex

Great Links to Facebook latest resources at CodePlex


Azure Article Sample - Beta

Facebook C# SDK - Writing your first Facebook Application

Facebook C# SDK v5 Beta Internals



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