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Peter’s Product

Synchronizing files from a windows PC to a cloud server seems simple, but to be able to do it for hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously while tracking bandwidth limits, cloud space limits and still give awesome performance and file security is a huge challenge.
In this presentation, Peter Kellner will talk through how using Azure three legs (Compute, Storage and Database), the applications was built from the ground up to achieve this.

For those of you who have ever used Microsoft’s SyncToy, be prepared to see the next generation.

Peter Kellner Peter Kellner, a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2007, is founder and president of ConnectionRoad, and a seasoned software professional specializing in high quality, scalable and extensible .Net web applications.

His experience includes building and leading engineering teams both on and off shore.

When not working, Peter spends most his free time biking. He has ridden his bike across the globe. Most recently he and his wife, Tammy, rode across the U.S., from California to Georgia, in just 27 days


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