ADO.NET Entity Framework Training

    Entity Framework 4 Training   Do you want to learn Entity Framework in days not months? It is possible!   Some of you had the opportunity to see a former colleague of mine, Rob Bagby, founder of, give a half-day training session on the Entity Framework at the San Francisco Microsoft office….


Migrating MVC Apps to the Cloud

  Support for Screencast under development   This blog post is providing snippets for a screencast under development. It will grow in size and will include video downloads, with full source.   Beginning Source Code Snippets   Snippet – Create database     View and download create database script USE [master] GO /****** Object: Database…


Source Code and Snippets for my one-hour screencast–Phone and Cloud–An natural pair of technologies

  Purpose of Blog   I recently posted a huge, one-hour screencast of building mobile cloud applications, leveraging SQL Azure as a data source.   Full Source Code to Phone Cloud Application You can see the full video here:   How to find the video – Click here to find it I chose orange…