PDC 10 – Live Event at SVC

Missed your opportunity to attend PDC10 in Redmond?




  • Even though the event is is Redmond, there is a local presence.
  • You can get the highlights of PDC without heading to Redmond.
  • If so, you can still join in on the excitement via the live stream and in-person delivered sessions.

The Date

  Attend this October 28th event at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus -

The Content

  This year’s content will focus on the next generation of Cloud Services, client & devices, and framework & tools.

Keynote speaker

  Welcome keynote by Dan’l Lewin (CVP, Strategic and Emerging Business Development for Microsoft)

OData and Windows Phone 7

  I am doing a two in-person session on OData & Windows Phone 7. Learn how to expose and consume your data elegantly and easily.

Prizes Available

  Join us for an opportunity to receive limited edition t’s, enter to win an XBOX w/Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and more! Register: http://bit.ly/pdcsvc

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