Bruno Terkaly on the Computer Outlook Radio Show discussing innovation in Office 2010

I enjoyed an hour long interview on the radio show Computer Outlook, discussing the innovation in Office 2010, tapping into an audience of 1,421,227 monthly listeners. The show was lead by John Iasiuolo and guest host Ralph Bond. The topic of the hour long broadcast was Office 2010 on Thursday, August 5. Computer Outlook broadcasts live over the Internet from Las Vegas, featuring what's new, what’s best and what’s next in the computer and IT industry. The nearly 60-minute interview was a lively discussion that included the evolution of Office software and Microsoft’s dedication to collaboration with the latest version. I mentioned key product features including online and offline sharing, image editing and support for multiple browsers. Services like Sparklines, cloud computing and Outlook calendaring were also highlighted. Alongside John and Ralph, I mentioned the ease with which consumers can upgrade to Office 2010. Everyone agreed that the process was elegant, seamless and well worth the investment. I felt my enthusiasm for Office 2010 really showed as I showcased our flagship Office Suite.


Additional Topics addressed


Windows Phone 7


Lower hardware requirements for Windows 7 and migrating from earlier versions of Windows


Support for mobile devices


Comparison of SkyDrive and Azure


How committed MS is to usability with their labs


Key features of Outlook (Scheduling view, threaded messages)


Slices in Excel and specific examples of Sparklines and Slices


The big blog post I put up for Office 2010


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Listen to the interview here

The show host (John Iasiuolo)and guest (Ralph Bond)

John IasiuoloRalph Bond


My Blog Post about Office 2010

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