Meetup hosted by Bruno Terkaly at Microsoft San Francisco

Hands On Lab

During my last Azure launch event I promised my audience that I would put together an informal training session on Azure at Microsoft San Francisco.

Last night I delivered on that message.

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Happy with the turnout

In a matter of a few weeks I managed to get 56 signups for the event. About 40 showed up which pleased me in terms of the ratio of sign ups and attendees.

Many of the attendees were extremely experienced developers. Some of them are part of startups, scientists, founders of software companies, CTOs, employees at Lawrence Livermore Labs. I was humbled by my audience.

You can read more about it here:



My goals – No time for the hands on part

The initial goal was for people to write code. However, as the event progressed, the relentless level of questions forced me to continue to give demos and show code. It was a non-stop presentation from 6:30 to 8:30 and I got a bit of a repreive when one of the attendees showed his startup project.

Here is a list of the videos that reflected the demos I showed (no sound included):

I had some goals:

  1. Demonstrate the “Hello World”
  2. Build Whacky Photos up and show how tables, blobs, and queues work
  3. Discuss and show deployment, service configuration
  4. Show how to build an on premise database and move it to the cloud (SQL Azure)
  5. Keep the discussion highly interactive and let the flow be driven by the audience


I solicited feedback. Here’s what people wrote:

  • We could really use FreeText functionality…so we don’t have to use external servers. Thanks for the session! Very informative.
    • [Is a predicate used in a WHERE clause to search columns containing character-based data types for values that match the meaning and not just the exact wording of the words in the search condition]
  • More Silverlight RIA, Excel in the cloud, FB and Xbox integration samples
    • [didn’t get the chance to show the FB toolkit for Azure]
  • Providing this type of lab to get going on Azure is the most important thing for me.
  • I’d like to know course schedule far in advance to do preparation properly. Want Entity Framework to Azure.
  • Need easier method to monitor changes.
  • I would like to know how the unity framework would work with blob or table storage
  • For me, a complete beginner, a lot of it was a little over my head. I need to do more work at home before showing up. But I liked it a lot. I can’t wait for the next time.
  • More information about what should be avoided when developing an app, such as avoiding registry settings, text files, memory buffers, etc
    • More details, examples for WCF/Azure. More information about costs and how they are calculated. Good job!
  • Auto spawn additional resources for scaling








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