Understanding the AppFabric – Implementing the Publish & Listen

Weather Station

This app uses the service bus and does not need to be deployed to the service bus.

It simply uses the AppFabric as a "relay" for publishers to communicate with consumers in a many to many fashion.

It demonstrates AppFabric’s Service Bus in a cool way, specifically using a binding that supports multicast eventing and allows N event publishers and M event consumers to rendezvous at the same endpoint.

In my example, multiple publishers get weather (based on a zip code) and publish it to multiple listeners. Once the listener gets the weather, it pops up a window with the weather information it received.

This application gets the weather from the a web service at the National Weather Service and simply “relays” the weather to listeners.

Uses WPF. You can run any number of publishers and consumers at the same time.

Demo Video




Purpose of Screen: High Level View of the AppFabric as a Relay
How To Get This Screen:
: Not applicable


Purpose of Screen: Connect the listener
How To Get This Screen:
: Click Connect to Service


Purpose of Screen: Connect the publisher
How To Get This Screen:
: Click Connect To Service


Purpose of Screen: Ready to send weather based on zip code
How To Get This Screen:
: Type in a zip code and click "Send Weather Report"


Purpose of Screen: Listeners automatically popup a window
How To Get This Screen:
: This is a wpf application that uses the service bus


Purpose of Screen: The national weather service provides the weather as a web service
How To Get This Screen:
: Not Applicable


Downloading and Installing




Instructions to run:

Run MulticastHost.exe first (Weather Station Billboard)

- Click “Connect to Service”

Run MulticastSample.exe (

- Type in a zip code

- Click “Connect to Service”

- Click “Send Weather Report”

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