Mark your calendar – Agile Presentation in San Francisco on March 2nd



Using Agile with Large, Geographically Dispersed Development Teams


Monday, Feb 22, 2010 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm


San Francisco Agile Meetup Group

835 Market Street, 7th Floor, Golden Gate Rooms, San Francisco



It seems like everyone wants to scale their agile teams. The Agile approach to software development needs to scale up to larger team sizes as projects grow in scope. Agile also needs to scale out to handle geographically distributed teams. Both are challenging propositions for many teams. I talk about my experiences at Microsoft; scaling agile up on the Visual Studio Tools for Office team and scaling out on the radically distributed teams within the patterns & practices group.


Ade Miller is currently the Development Manager for Microsoft’s patterns & practices group (p&p) where he manages several agile teams executing on a variety of projects. He also lead the development of the p&p Web Services Software Factory: Modeling Edition. Before joining p&p Ade was a developer and then a Development Lead on Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 and 2008 during Visual Studio’s transition to a more agile approach.
Prior to joining Microsoft Ade worked in a variety of development environments including start-ups, consultancy and web publishing. His primary interest is in improving the way people develop software. He spends much of his time trying to figure out what being “agile” really means. Ade is a regular speaker on these topics, he also blogs and writes about his experiences. Ade received his BSc and PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton, UK.

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  1. itransition says:

    It will be nice to have this gathering in Austin too!

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