The Mobile Cloud–A topic to consider

  Two unmistakable and inseparable trends – Mobile & Cloud   The rapid rise and use of mobile devices and cloud computing is unmistakable. It makes sense that these two technologies are interrelated. Nearly all, if not all, cellular devices leverage compute and storage from somewhere else. The cloud can offer a lot – massive…


ADO.NET Entity Framework – Troubleshooting steps for “The underlying provider failed on Open”

    Finding root cause for data connectivity issues   The ADO.NET Entity Framework shields you from many problems. But to troubleshoot connection errors, this can slow down progress. I developed a technique that can very accurately tell you the root cause. The technique is very simple – use the SQLConnection() and SqlCommand() objects because…


Azure Hackathon Tomorrow–Come hear me speak-12/18/2010

    Learn more here   Come hack for the weekend   Come see my speak for an hour or so tomorrow at Microsoft, San Francisco. Spend the weekend learning and coding the cloud.


Windows Phone 7 Notification Services – Prerequisites–Part 3

  Push Notification Services   This post is a continuation of my series on implementing Push Notification Services.   “Phone to cloud” or “cloud to phone” – Which Direction? Direction Technologies Phone Initiated http with request/response WCF OData WebRequestResponse SOAP, JSON, POX, ATOM Cloud initiated Push Notification Services       Why can’t I just…


Windows Phone 7 Notification Services – Prerequisites–Part 2

  Converting SOAP to REST   Don’t let the image fool you. It doesn’t mean that SOAP is Superman and that REST is asleep under a tree.   So, this post is about converting to a RESTful approach, for reasons previously discussed. We will convert the same project that is SOAP-based. A Comparison from the…


Windows Phone 7 Notification Services – Prerequisites

  Some obvious prerequisites   If you are serious about Windows Phone 7 development and want to make use of Notification Servcies, you need to know a few things really well. Technology Why you need to know it Silverlight Is one of the two main programming models for Windows Phone 7. The other is XNA….


Local Bay Area Developers Unite to Help the Community – February 4-6, 2011

  National GiveCamp 2010 coming to San Francisco, February 4-6, 2011   GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations. This custom software could be a new website for the nonprofit organization, a small data-collection application to keep track of members,…


Generating Proxies for Silverlight accessing a Silverlight-Enabled WCF Service

  Generating Proxies   I am writing this post because there just isn’t good information on generating your own proxies for Silverlight accessing a WCF Service. The problem is that svcutil.exe is the wrong tool. It will lead you to the front door of success but not let you into the building.  The point is…


6-Minute Tutorial – Windows Azure Development – Unit Tests to Interact with Storage–Tables, Blobs, Queues

  Continuation of Previous Post   This post is a continuation of the previous post.   Previous Blog Post Understanding on how to work with tables, blobs, and queues is the hallmark of cloud computing. Although many developers may choose a relational data store, they won’t be able to achieve the same scalability and throughput…