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If you're a developer today, and you're not reading Rob Bagby’s blog, you are doing a disservice to your career.

Rob is a colleague of mine.  In fact, last week he co-presented with me on pattern based development with Silverlight.  I can tell you this - the user group audience that we addressed was highly engaged.  Just based on the topic alone, it was one of the larger meetings for the SF BayNet user group. Many people showed up.

Rob is all about the real world.  His examples and tutorials can be leveraged it in an enterprise environment.  Rob is laser focused on being practical.  He doesn't talk about "hello world" type of applications.  The stuff that Rob discusses are things that you can directly use today.

I have used many of his examples and some of my previous seminars.

Do yourself a favor and may grab a part of your everyday reading.



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