Highlights & Events: Silicon Valley Code Camp This Weekend!

Come join me this weekend at the 4th Annual Silicon Valley Code Camp.  It will be held Saturday and Sunday at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. There are 147 sessions scheduled, with over 1,500 registered so far.  Register here.

The Code Camp consists of these points:

  • by and for the developer community
  • always free
  • community developed material
  • no fluff – only code
  • never occur during working hours

Sessions will range from informal “chalk talks” to presentations. There will be a mix of presenters, some experienced folks, for some it may be their first opportunity to speak in public. And we are expecting to see people from throughout the Northern California region and beyond.

I will be hosting 2 sessions:

Windows 7 for Developers
Saturday, 11:00 am – Room 4301

Windows 7 is almost here! With it are numerous improvements and new features to take advantage of in your applications. Watch and learn as we demonstrate how to utilize the new taskbar, multi-touch support, search, libraries, and more.

IE8 for Developers
Sunday, 9:15 am – Room 5501

IE8 makes your web better… faster, safer and easier. This is true for developers too. In this session, we will illustrate how developers can take advantage of some new technologies in IE8 such as accelerators to enhance a user’s web experience. We will also illustrate the built-in developer tools in IE8 and how to take advantage of them. These tools include a powerful CSS tool, script debugging and a script profiler.

I hope to see you there!


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