Azure – Rich Client(s) meets Azure Table Data. Smart Grid Sample – Step 03

This is one of a long series of blogs designed to get you to create something important.

This is all about learning how to create RIA clients talking to massively scalable table data.


Task Quick Hello World - Create Web Cloud Service

The next task is all about getting your feet wet with a "hello world" application.

Understanding Data Storage

Before starting a new project, I wanted to at least address some of the storage options.

Obviously, data needs to be scalable and reliable. It is that simple. The previous white papers in step 2 can give you a lot more details. Notice that we have 3 main storage metaphors:




Each storage type has a purpose, as described above.

We will work with Azure Tables in this example.

You will need to register for Azure Services. You will also need to install a bunch of tools and SDKs.

This is a great place to start.




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