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Practical Silverlight 3

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Are you willing to invest just one day to jumpstart your knowledge of Silverlight. Our expert instructors will help you look past the glitzy, media rich Silverlight demos, to the reality of writing browser-hosted, business-oriented applications. The four deep dive sessions will guide you on a tour from Silverlight Foundations to Styling Silverlight passing through Silverlight Browser Integration and ending with Silverlight and the Server.


Silverlight Foundations

Until now, the standard for user experience for browser-hosted applications has been defined by AJAX and JavaScript. However, the powerful and rich user experience provided by these applications has come at a significant cost in development. Silverlight allows us to deliver an even more compelling user experience while simultaneously simplifying the programming model and leveraging our existing .NET skills.

We will cover the foundational concepts and technologies needed to jumpstart your transition to Silverlight development. Several highlights include: 

  • Silverlight Architecture
  • Understanding Dependency and Attached properties
  • XAML resources
  • How to access your code in XAML
  • Navigation and Search Engine Optimization in Silverlight 3


Silverlight with Style

Just as HTML has CSS and DHTML, Silverlight has Dependency Properties and the Visual Tree. Both give the developer or UX designer the ability to style a user interface independently from the application code. Silverlight offers an unprecedented level of control over UI styling and skinning. In this session, learn how to customize the look of your Silverlight application using Control and Data templates and how easy it is to produce a fully skinnable custom control.


Silverlight Browser Integration

There are a number of different flavors of Silverlight applications. We will examine how to:

  • Integrate with the browser to use Silverlight as a high-performance and secure replacement for JavaScript libraries
  • Build hybrid web applications where part of the UI is provided by Silverlight and part by HTML
  • Build full screen, full frame applications
  • Build "out of browser" desktop applications with Silverlight 3


Silverlight and the Server

While Silverlight provides a range of new opportunities for building rich client interfaces, it also makes it easier than ever before to communicate with and take advantage of the server side services. We'll look at a variety of options available for taking advantage of web services in Silverlight including cross-domain calls, the ability to leverage ASP.NET features such as Membership and session state, and the new .NET RIA Services platform in Silverlight 3.

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