Azure – Microsoft .NET Services- Step 02 – The Service Bus – Blog Post about Creating a Service Bus Solution


Internet Connectivity Required – Creating , a new .NET Services and SQL Services solution.

For this part we need to have internet connectivity and login into your portal at The assumption I am making is that you have signed up for Azure at and have been granted access.

You should have an invitation code

When you signed up for Azure, you received an invitation code. You may need to enter it in now.

Creating a Solution

Notice that we are provisioning:

• Microsoft® SQL Data Service

• Microsoft® .NET Service Bus

• Microsoft® .NET Workflow Service

• Microsoft® .NET Access Control Service


Solution Creation

  • This is where you create a solution.
  • This is a collection of service components, consisting of the Access Control Service, SQL Data Services, the Service Bus and the Workflow Service.

Multiple solutions are possible

  • You can have multiple solutions and configure the services within each solution differently.
  • For example, you may have different workflows and databases in different solutions.

Development, Test, Production Might Be A Good Idea

  • Alternatively, you might choose to have a solution for development, a solution for QA and a solution for production.
  • Solution names must be globally unique as, by their very nature, they are in the cloud and accessible by whomever you decide to grant access.



Solution takes up to a minute or two

  • Please be patient while your account is created.
  • It can take up to a minute while all the services are provisioned for the solution.

Solutions must be unique to the planet

  • If the solution name you choose is not unique (i.e.someone else has already chosen it) you will get an error and you will need to choose another solution name.

Do not forget your solution name and password

  • Once provisioning has finished, the page will display "Provisioning is complete!" and give you a solution password.

How to login to your solution

  • To login in at any time, simply navigate to, click Sign In and provide your Live ID credentials.

LiveID gets you to sign in, but the solution credentials are used for code writing

  • The solution credentials are used when you write code using the services in the solution.



to your account


Sign In To Your account

CardSpace and X.509 Certificates

This same page is where we manage the security and identity aspects of your application.


  • This is the main management page for this solution from where you can change the credentials for the solution and access each of the services that comprise the solution.

SLA & Billing

  • In future, there will also be usage reports, billing and SLA information.


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