The Art of Debugging – A Developer’s Best Friend – Lesson 13 – Debugging VBScript

Debugging VBScript is incredibly easy. This will no doubt be the most straightforward and simplest way to debug code of all the previous blogs.

I recommend by starting with an administrator level command prompt. If you are a developer and not an end user, running as an administrator is recommended for most operations.

One of my favorite editors is VI. Below you can see a bunch of VBScript code that we wish to debug one line at a time.

To make my life easier I will navigate to the c:\livedemos\q3fy09\draft\azure folder and execute the VBScript below using a debugger.

You can begin this lesson by starting a command prompt as administrator.

Notice my command prompt window below. Also notice my VBScript file waiting there to be executed. Let's go ahead and run that script in the debugger.

If you ever forget the syntax, you can just execute cscript /?.

Cid added the secret to debugging.cscr using our example simply type in cscript /x /d MakeSteps.vbs

Here is the results of our command.

Select a new instance of Visual Studio.

Simply use the debugger commands previously described in the blogs.

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