Geek Dinner – Jan 06, 2010

Geek Dinner with Shawn Wildermuth Add event to your calendar (iCal) When: Jan 06, 2010 @ 6:30 PM Where: 117 E San Carlos St San Jose, CA 95112, USA Geolocation for hCalendar Description: Come join Shawn Wildermuth while he is in town to have some pizza, beer and conversations. We’ll meeting at be at Pizza…


The Holy Grail of Connecting Applications – .NET Services Bus in Windows Azure

Many would argue that most significant technology that Microsoft if offering for the Cloud is the Service Bus. It allows applications to communicate across the Internet without regard to firewalls, NATs, routers, and the like. Outline Why the .NET Service Bus is important What it does to connect two computers How to build a sophisticated…


PHP-Step 02 – Configuring Eclipse to run under Windows – Setup

Now that we have PHP setup on our laptop, we can start working with the PHP for Azure SDK. If you don’t have PHP setup, see my previous blog entry: CodePlex – Download the PHPAzure SDK What is Windows Azure SDK for PHP Developers? The PHP SDK for Azure is an example of interoperability…


Highly Scalable PHP-Step 01 – Introduction

At a glance – what you will learn: Why PHP in the cloud? Installing PHP under Windows Running Expression Web to test PHP PHP in the cloud This blog entry is about running PHP in the cloud. Why would you want to run PHP in the cloud? We will work with our Azure data storage…


Basic Client and Service Working with the .NET Service Bus

Our goal here is organic. It is the fundamental “Hello World” in terms of communications. Access Control Service, Relay Service This blog entry introduces an authenticating mechanism, which determines which clients can connect to our service. We also introduce a relay service, which now makes it possibles to connect two or more parties, regardless of…


Deploying Azure apps in 1000 words or less

If you are in a hurry and want the bottom line about deploying – Read the following: The beginning… Absolute Step 1 (The link below talks about the process about getting tokens) I now assume you have a token. It came into your email account. You will need your token for the creation of…


Windows 7 Code Samples

High DPI Libraries Sensors – Adjusting font size based on ambient light TaskBar Concepts (thumbnails, jumplists, etc) TaskBar – Zoobar Example Touch Programming UAC – Data Redirection Trigger Start Services Version Checking   Any questions?


TaskBar Code

  This blog entry is here for PDC2009 videos I am producing. When these videos are completed, they will be referenced here.     Code Snippet private void ShowOrHideOverlayIcon() {     //TODO: Task 1–Using Taskbar Overlay Icons, steps 1-4     if (ShowOverlay.IsChecked.Value)     {         Icon icon = iconsList.SelectedItem as Icon;         if (icon != null)             TaskbarManager.Instance.SetOverlayIcon(icon, "icon" + iconsList.SelectedIndex.ToString());…