Cloud Computing

Microsoft Vision There’s no denying the future – it is providing services via the web. We realize this at Microsoft. We know that it is about connections: . Devices . Entertainment . Productivity . Business . Development The bottom line is that the web is the hub and Microsoft knows this. Technology is converging on…


SQL Server 2008 – Merge Capability

MERGE is a new feature that provides an efficient way to perform multiple DML operations. In previous versions of SQL Server, we had to write separate statements to INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE data based on certain conditions, but now, using MERGE statements, we can include the logic of such data modifications in one statement that…


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SQL SERVER 2008 – AdventureWorks2008 – GeoSpatial Coding

  “Spatial” comes from the word “space,” which of course represents locations. We use spatial data to calculate locations of things, including where things are, where things intersect, or how many things lie in a bounded area. Of the two data types, geometry supports a “flat earth” while geography supports a “round earth.” The flat…