How complex is your code? Find out with nDepend!

I've been asked to look at the code of a project and give an assessment on the complexity of it.

So, I start with my trusty friend nDepend.  I can't tell you how many times I've used this tool ... but it's a lot. 🙂   I really like it as a general guide as to how complex your code is.  Once you learn to use the visual maps and read the out of the box (OOB) stats it gives you, you're set!  You can even write your own queries in a sql-like syntax.  It's my personal companion tool for fxCop.

Take a look at their website.  The first page should be more than enough to entice you to have a go.  They also provide some sample reports which were produced from running nDepend on .NET Framework 2.0, NUnit 2.2.7, NAnt 0.85-rc3, CruiseControl.NET 1.0.1, MSBuild 2.0, NDoc 1.3.1, Microsoft ASP.NET2 PetShop 4.0, Mono.Cecil 0.4.2, DotNetNuke 4.0, log4net 1.2.9, Paint.NET 2.6, and even itself... NDepend 2.0 beta2.

Interesting stuff. No? 

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  1. Nice. Trying it now…. NDepend (beta2) available for free download 🙂

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