Visual Studio 2005 Team System Basics Training

Brief Description(200-level)A complete, self-paced training course with a VPC image containing Team System software. OverviewProvides training on: Overview Licensing Architecture Deployment and Maintenance Team Foundation Server Extensibility Team Foundation Reporting Team Projects and Process Template Customization Team Foundation Version Control Team Foundation Build Team Ed for Architects Team Ed for Developers Team Ed forTesters

Visual Studio "Orcas" October CTP

I’ve been a bit slow with putting this link up … but I keep emailing it around, so here it is. Visual Studio “Orcas” October CTP Enjoy!


Writing Secure Code (Managed Code)

Just a quick one… I’ve been asked for a good place to start when you’re interested in writing secure code.  Here’s the first link I send out. There are SO many good security resources, but I’m just going to list this one for now. 🙂

How complex is your code? Find out with nDepend!

I’ve been asked to look at the code of a project and give an assessment on the complexity of it. So, I start with my trusty friend nDepend.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this tool … but it’s a lot. 🙂   I really like it as a general guide as to…