What is Infrastructure Optimization (IO)???

In my previous post I mentioned that I found the Infrastructure Optimization blog.  A few people have pointed out that I haven't actually mentioned what Infrastructure Optimization (IO) is.  Fair call.

Here follows the brief, mile high view.

Infrastructure Optimization serves as a gauge for IT organizations and provides a logical roadmap to progress from reactive to proactive IT service management.

There's this model, it has 4 stages.  You assess which stage you are in the model and then see what you need to do to move to the next stage.

Here are the stages:

Basic: “We Fight Fires”
Find out how you can make your infrastructure more manageable and less expensive.

Standardized: “We’re Gaining Control”
Learn how automated systems management and automated identity and access management can help your IT staff efficiently access the tools and information they need, making your organization’s infrastructure more secure and more reliable.

Rationalized: “We Enable Business”
Discover how an efficient and controlled infrastructure can transform your IT environment into a strategic business asset.

Dynamic: “We’re a Strategic Asset”
Learn more about how IT systems can become self-managing and dynamic, the final stage in the Infrastructure Optimization Model.

Basically, take control and drive down costs! 🙂   Who doesn't want that??!


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  1. Ken Schaefer says:

    Perhaps you could explain how IO fits into MOF in a later post?

    I know there is some skeptism out there around IO, and whether it’s something of substance or just a way for Microsoft to sell more licences.

  2. bradsmith007 says:

    All I can tell you is that the people I’ve spoken to directly about it have been excited about the clarity it brought to them about the state of their current infrastructure.  they also like the roadmap for improving their operations. 🙂

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