Virtual PC for VSTS and TFS on MSDN Subscription Download site

Wow ... that's a long blog title, but it sums up this post nicely! 🙂

There is a VPC (Virtual PC) available from the MSDN Subscriptions download area.  Just do a search for “VPC” and you will find “Visual Studio 2005 Team System VPC - Part 1 of 2 (English)” and “Visual Studio 2005 Team System VPC - Part 2 of 2 (English)”. 

 If you have an MSDN Subscription, which many of the people I deal with do, then go grab this VPC!  You don't have to worry about installation or configuration, just fire it up and go.   Do a demo to your team, do a demo to your collegues at a Brown Bag session for your Internal Technical Community (ITC or as David Lemphers puts it ...  I[Tee][Cees]).

Download it.  There's a scripted walkthrough demo that comes with it... just follow the bouncing ball and you'll look like an expert to your mates! 🙂

Tell me how you go.


Comments (4)
  1. Michael Daniel says:

    Wow! nice 🙂

  2. bradsmith007 says:

    yes, yes it is  🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Does this have license issues? Can it be used for an actual development team or is it just for demoing? What is involved with taking this route?

  4. bradsmith007 says:

    The VPC was built for Demo purposes.  The licensing is as per the EULA that is included with the demo.

    Unfortunately it seems the the VPC has already expired … according to the note on the download page.  Not sure what it’s still doing up there if that’s the case.  Perhaps someone has updated it…

    Either way, from memory it is only installed with trial versions of software.  It would be no different than you installing a trial version of TFS and having your dev team use it.  Yes it’s possible, but it will expire, at which time you will need to purchase a license to continue using it.

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