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The first line of the most recent post is funny (or not, while it's happening)... you can probably relate. 🙂

Almost half of all unplanned service outages happen because of system configuration mistakes or oversights.
From: Maintaining a Known State to Optimize your Infrastructure

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  1. Ken Schaefer says:

    They seem to neglect what the other >50% of unplanned outages were caused by. Hardware issues would be part of that number, but what other things?

  2. bradsmith007 says:

    The list of what might cause an unplanned outage is long … but that’s not really the point of the article 🙂    

    Outages will happen.  If your system is in a known state then at the very least you’ll have a better chance of restoring it to that known state.

    The thing I really like about the IO initiative is that you’re forced to look at where you are right now and then you can plan where you’d like to be.  

    Some people have commented that it gave them an idea about what’s possible and why it makes sense to aim for it.

  3. In my previous post I mentioned that I found the Infrastructure Optimization blog. A few people have

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