The Scratch Custom Claims Provider

Frequently, I find it useful to have a common starting point – what Raymond Chen describes as a “scratch program” (or a new scratch program, for those update-minded types). Within SharePoint, things are never that simple – a scratch SharePoint solution is an empty whiteboard, for better or for worse. There are plenty of extensibility…


I Want You To Guess Accurately

When estimating performance and capacity, there are no guarantees except for the guarantees that you build for yourself. This means that, despite all the documentation, no one, no piece of paper, will ever tell you how your environment is going to behave in the real world. The systems involved are too complex for those types…


O’ Properties, Where Art Thou?

In software development, laziness is a virtue. The lineage of software is sometimes surprising. The fact that seemingly unrelated systems and software can exhibit the same behavior can imply relationships that – in reality – may or may not exist. That they may feel very real is an altogether different matter. What is not in doubt is…


Multiple Authentication Methods in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2007, you were limited to a single authentication mechanism per AAM zone. With SharePoint 2010, this is still the case when dealing with “Classic” mode authentication, but in Claims-based authentication scenarios, the limitation of a signle authentication mechanism per zone is removed. In SharePoint 2010, you are able to configure multiple authentication providers,…


Small But Wonderful

ASP.NET 4.0 includes a new member on the HttpResponse class – RedirectPermanent. Baked in support for issuing HTTP 301’s? Yay!



ASP.NET AJAX is a piece of fundamentally enabling technology for developers; everything from partial page rending using UpdatePanels to the cross-browser compatible script library enable you to provide engaging web solutions while minimizing effort and time. Personally, I think the ASP.NET AJAX libraries are something that every software engineer building solutions for the Web should…